HR Compliance 101 — What’s the new normal?

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2 min readDec 3, 2021

The Covid19 global pandemic restructured and continues to restructure the economic environment and workplace settings. The closure of several businesses and employee layoffs created uncertainty surrounding wages amongst employees. In the face of a global pandemic threatening to impair their companies altogether, employers may be tempted to utilize unjust ways to protect the financial future of their business empires. HR management teams may be expected to formulate certain global health crisis regulations and follow up on their implementation, and expected to create workplace regulations that protect employees’ health, such as vaccinations, health screening measures, or regular sanitizing.

Families First Coronavirus Response

HR leaders need to ensure that the Families First Coronavirus Response is well implemented in the workplace. This will enable employees to attend to their own or relatives’ medical emergencies without being financially disadvantaged. Certain individuals should not be exempted from being granted paid leaves based on age or race. Any ambiguity is expected to be handled well to benefit employees promptly.

Covid-19 Vaccine

It’s clear, with the launch of the Covid19 vaccine mandate, HR professionals will have to deal with different responses from the employees regarding the vaccine and will be required to assess whether vaccination is considered mandatory. Organizations, where employees depend on face-to-face interactions, will be affected by this. Hello, sales teams! In cases of extreme hesitance from employees, HR teams will need to educate employees to alleviate any fear and anxiety.

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