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2 min readDec 3, 2021

Most organizations are concerned when high turnover rates start appearing. While employees can have legitimate reasons for resigning, that does not involve the company as a problem, viewing the organization from a detached perspective is still important. Hence why the opinions of exiting employees are so important. Because they are no longer feel like part of the team, their opinions are likely to be uninhibited.

Human Resources professionals, this is your chance to gather valuable information that would provide insight on what the organization needs to improve on. Exit interviews yield substantial changes, and HR professionals here are some key factors to consider:


The selected interviewer should be well acquainted with the employee and look into specific issues or factors that impacted the interaction between the organization and employee. A manager that is not well connected to the employee may not obtain useful information due to a departing employee’s lack of transparency. However, take note, considering external interviewers may also be beneficial as this creates a non-judgemental approach for the departing employee and creates a comfortable environment for the employee to speak honestly on.

The Right Timing

Timing can also have a large impact on the effectiveness of an exit interview. In order to obtain as much useful feedback as possible, Human Resource Managers should refrain from scheduling interviews too soon after an employee’s announcement.

Correct Language

Human resources should review interview questions to ensure the language used is not abrasive. You want to avoid a defensive interview! Focusing on the needs of the employee should be the interviewer’s priority to prevent potential intimidation, therefore, using language that suggests the employee is wrong and not providing sufficient time for in-depth feedback will preclude any progress. The interviewer must be willing to listen attentively without acting defensive and providing solutions. Overall, employees’ opinions and ideas should be the center of concern.

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